Queen Adran is played by veteran Filipina actress Lorna Tolentino in Darna (2005 TV Series)

Queen Adran is the queen of the Adranika race, a fictional race in Darna created by Filipino comics writer Mars Ravelo.

Queen Adran was the benevolent Queen of the surface-dwelling race called Adranika on the Planet Marte. Her rival, Queen Braguda (of the underground dwelling Anomalka race) was her former friend until Braguda vowed to one day conquer the Planet Earth as well as the rest of the universe. To thwart Braguda's plan, Adran stole the magic "White Stone" of power from Braguda. Without the white stone, Braguda would be unable to conquer the rest of the universe. To help prevent Braguda from ever reclaiming it, Queen Adran sent her confidant- Aio to the planet Earth to find a worthy host for the white stone's power. Right after Aio leaves the Planet Marte for the Earth, Marte is destroyed as well as Queen Adran along with it. It is later discovered that there are other Adranikans that survived but unfortunately, Queen Adran is not one of them.

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