Filipino singer/actor K Brosas plays the role Divina Devinica / Demonica.

Divina Devinica, is also known as the voice vampire Demonica when angered. She is a villain in Darna (2005 TV Series) of GMA Network.

She was a famous singer of the 1930s. She got her youthful apperance and sensational voice by wielding an Anomalkan crystal which she wears and sustaining it by extracting voices from her fans that cause chaos of extreme muteness. She has a massive scream that destroys eardrums and can manipulate bats by her intelect. She is called Demonica because when she is filled with rage and anger.


Divina is accually an unrecognizable old woman she live just like a regular citizen living in manila she is at her house sitting and remembering her memories as a sensational diva. Meanwhile after Darna defeated the monster a crystal was crushed during the fight the crystal's debris fall into two pieces one of them falls in the ground where Narda's friend Alice stands and the other piece crash down to Divina's yard she became curious about the crystal the gem instantly revert her back to her middle age appearance just like a young and beautiful woman.