Filipino actress Carmina Villaroel plays the role of Sulfura

Sulfura also knowm as Sabrina is one of the major villains in Darna (2005 TV Series) of GMA Network.

Sulfura or known as Sabrina(formerly) is the second minion created by Braguda. Sabrina is formerly a selfish model and also a hubris woman and the rival of Valentina in her career. Even as Valentina's mentor in the modeling industry they had more envy and dislike each other. Valentina and her mother Prospera plans to destroy her by burning her with acid. Unwilling to live in shame and desiring revenge to the person who commited this to her. Sabrina was recruited by Braguda and turn her into Beautiful Burning minion. Sabrina is capable of doing deadly fire abilities such as lava rock that explodes violently and an acid ball capable of melting anything that it touch. She is one of Braguda's loyal yet stubborn (due to Valentina's meddling) minion.